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Digital Art and Animation

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My name is Sirkus, and I'm an animator and digital artist.

I specialize in animal art.

Check out my prices and examples, and send me an email for a quote!




I can be found at the following links:

Twitter: SirkusAnimal

Merch Store

Previous Work


Full Body Pieces



Colored Sketches



Custom Character Designs

Digital Paintings



Digital Art:

Icons are $45 each.

Sketches include color! Headshots are $20 and Full Bodies or detailed maws are $35!
Backgrounds can be included for an additional cost.

Cell Shading is +$10 for headshots, and

+$15 for busts and full bodies per character!

Full Color Shading is +$15 for headshots and

+$25 for busts and full bodies per character!

Clean Lines more your style? 
Flat colors are $60 for one character, full body, +$50 for each additional character
Cell Shading is +$10 for headshots, and

+$15 for busts and full bodies per character!

Full Color Shading is +$15 for headshots and

+$25  for busts and full bodies per character!

Digital Paintings start at $100 per character for Speed Painting and are priced based on how detailed and clean you'd like the piece to be. A painting that includes fur or scale detail will cost extra.


No Reference? No Problem. 
I can work with you to design a character. Just add +$30 for one full body design or ref sheet commission

Custom logos are $200, and this includes multiple drafts and revisions.

Comics are priced per page, please note me for a quote.

Custom Daki Designs are $250 and include two individual pieces ( a front and a back side) with a background, as well as the physical, printed pillowcase. Shipping will vary based on buyer's location.


These are only for static pieces, not animations. I will not take animation deadlines at this time. I make my schedule a month or more in advance, so it is essentially buying my scheduled time off to keep on track.

The deadline will be from how many days after the commission is paid for, not when it is requested. The deadline charge is a percentage of the base cost of the piece added on. 

1-3 days : + 100%
5-7 days : + 75%
7-14 days: + 50%
14-21 days: + 25%
Anything else: + 15%

Animated Pieces:

Animation Commissions are Closed indefinitely and only available as artist designed "Your Character Here" auctions and flat sales.

For a quote, email me at sirkuscommissions@gmail.com